Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility can be a source of personal pride, and a way to make work interesting and important. As a business matures there becomes a greater responsibility to give back to employees, clients and the wider community. At CLIQUE.NIGERIA, we volunteer, donate, and fundraise. We strive, through personal actions, to make our society a better place.

This is an ethos which has been prevalent throughout our business: a desire to make a difference and so early on we made the important decision to execute an extensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme supporting orphanages, foster homes, elementary schools, NGOs, etc.

Very early on we saw CSR as a way of showing immeasurable gratitude, extend unconditional love and successfully build a brand with human face, which both clients and staff can relate to on a personal level.

Our philosophy of making a difference is evident through the various support projects we get involved in which enables us to give back to the different communities around where we operate. This has also help create employee loyalty, making the workplace more enjoyable.

Our CSR initiative helps to deliver strongly desirable moral and business benefits. The bottom line? A stronger, more sustainable Agency in all ways: financially, ethically, environmentally, and socially.

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